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Mastermark is one of the first bird control agencies in Singapore. Since 1981, we have built experience and expertise in managing birds and wildlife in the urban environment. 


The idea of Birdigo started when many of our clients came to us for a solution to keep birds away from table tops. Before Birdigo, bird netting and spikes proved only effective for enclosed areas, limited to the architecture of the place. And trust me, nobody wants an alfresco dining experience with nets surrounding the place! In addition, Ultrasound devices were inconspicuous but does not offer long term deterrence. 


Frustrated that there were no table-top bird proofing methods available; nothing portable, small and aesthetically pleasing, we decided to take things into our own hands and created Birdigo. 

With Birdigo, our unattended food is protected without compromising the outlook of your table top. Now we can step away from the table and head to the loo or to pile our plates at a buffet, all with a peace of mind. Birdigo is proudly created by Mastermark, Singapore. We are one of the largest dedicated Bird & Wildlife Management Specialists in South East Asia. We have worked with hundreds of organisations, both government and private sectors to provide effective measures to both urban and aerodrome wildlife conflicts with the use of quality products, many of which we produce ourselves.

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