Birdigo Max is an upgrade from Birdigo Lite and works to deter larger birds. Now, with rechargeable batteries using USB Type C points. 


Birdigo acts as a mediator, allowing us to co-exist with nature humanely. It is made blunt to keep all who comes near, free from harm.


  • Available in Black and White colours
  • Strong, light Polyesterene plastic arm
  • Hard, stable, Aluminium shaft
  • Stainless steel baseplate with a small footprint
  • Threaded screw inserts to make battery changes more durable
  • Weather proof - safe for use in rain or shine

Birdigo MAX

  • Size
    100mm base diameter
    300mm height
    350grams approximately

    Sold separately

    Lockable base plate to prevent theft
    Magnetiser lock key